Every year, thousands of pets go missing. We hope it doesn’t happen to us, but the statistics show many of us will have a lost pet at some point. Collars and tags may be helpful, but there is no guarantee they will stay on. While microchipping is not a cure for their disappearance, it can help bring your pet back to you.

A microchip is a tiny electronic chip (about the size of a grain of rice) encrypted with an individualized ID number, which we inject under your pet’s skin. Once injected, the number is recorded in our computer system and registered with the microchip company. Once in the database, it is there for life with no additional fees. However, updating your contact information any time it changes is essential.

If your pet escapes, the chip is easily scanned with a microchip scanner (found at vet hospitals and shelters worldwide). It will display the number that can be entered into the database and show your contact information—thus allowing an easy connection to getting your pet back home. Enquire about our universal microchips today!

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