Dr. Patrice Wehren


Cats and dogs were ever-present growing up in a small town in upstate New York, despite the crowded conditions (five siblings and my mother). Luckily, I also had the opportunity to work with my neighbor’s horses starting in late elementary school. I entered college as a pre-vet student and ended up getting a degree in political science. However, I took most of the science and math courses necessary for vet school. 

I moved to California to pursue a PhD in political science, but then changed course and completed my prerequisites for vet school.

Having been highly academically successful in high school and college, I entered and received my veterinary degree from UC Davis. I then completed a one-year internship in small animal medicine and surgery. I have worked in small animal medicine since. I worked in El Sobrante for several years and then moved to new opportunities, the latest being in Mill Valley. I am now happily returning to the area where I have lived for most of my time in California by working at Pinole Pet Hospital.

Veterinary medicine is a challenging and exciting field in which to work. It allows and encourages compassion, a connection between pets and people, and constant learning. My focus is always on providing the best possible care for every animal in need and providing the tools for owners to help prevent disease. My goal is always to keep lines of communication open so that the best of care can be provided.